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Shula and the Goats
From Tala
There are no ghosts in Kenya
Ever since his arrival in the house on the mountain, Charlie Carter, a volunteer worker from England, has been convinced that the house is haunted; after questioning locals, he learns that seventy years earlier, Shula, a young native girl was entombed alive by the sexually jealous wife of a colonial settler. Has she ever left the house?
Charlie is in Katamara, a village in 1970s rural Kenya working on a hospital building project and hoping to find a woman to become his wife. He finds three. The beautiful Esmeralda: but he has to contend with his dubious deputy Freddie (Bristow) and the local policeman (Corporal Adonis Musyoka), the one-man crime-prevention guru of Katamara, both of whom are also besotted with this outrageous tantalizing teen. And there is Jennifer, the Irish hospital nurse, herself escaping a troubled past and Aisha, Freddie’s secret lover. Can Charlie win Jennifer or rescue Aisha from Freddie and the squalid shantytown in which she lives?
But in a giant country beneath a giant sky can a ghost girl emerge from the hate and vengeance of a colonial horror story to restore humour, love and decency to the human spirit?

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 Shula and the Goats From Tala.